Kimberly Needs Our Prayers and Support

Many of you will know Tony and Clare Fernandes (Toronto) & Armand and Mena Pereira (London), both ex Kenya. On Monday, November 20th, 2017, their lives came to a standstill when their granddaughter Kimberly was struck by a hit and run driver in Ottawa. This healthy, vibrant, funny and loving girl, suffered serious injuries to her brain and fractures to her face. She was just two weeks away from writing her finals and completing her courses to graduate.

Her parents, Bryan and Fiona Pereira have truly been touched by all the help, messages, e-mails and calls received from around the world. Her progress will be very slow and her road to recovery will be a long one, however, they are hopeful that her age, good health and prayers from her many concerned family and friends, will see her through this and help her make a full recovery.

Members of the community have asked how they can help support Kimberly and make a difference to her short and long-term recovery, rehabilitation and well-being. One way is through the link below.
Your continued prayers, caring and positive thoughts are also irreplaceable and greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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St. Francis Xavier – written by Ladis Da Silva

My research on the background and history of St. Francis Xavier, compelled me to visit several countries where his name is a legend. As a student of languages, art and history my travels helped me immensely. It gave me an opportunity to talk to people, browse through age-old papers and manuscripts and books preserved in the arcana in Goa, India, Portugal, Spain, Italy and France. Visiting Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands (U.S.) I was not overly surprised to observe that St. Francis Xavier was not only held in high esteem but revered by Latin American people. His statues and icons adorn many chapel, churches, cathedrals and monasteries. St. Francis Xavier a scholar and an extraordinary missionary of the order of the Society of Jesus ventured overseas to evangelize.

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