If you would like to donate to the G.O.A., please feel free to send a cheque to:
Goan Overseas Association
P.O. Box 5667 Station “A”
Toronto, Ontario, M5W 1N8

or donate on-line

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

We are grateful to all our donors

Well wishers like you help make a difference.

2015 Donors

Oswald D’Souza
Doris and Oscar Demello
Danny and Clare Fernandes
Felix and Antoienette Fernandes
Felix and Lorna Lobo
Silvestre Nelson Lobo
Alban and Lira Mascarenhas
Alvaro and Doreen Mendes
Jonas and Cicely Noronha
Anthony and Babsie Rodrigues

2014 Donors

Ben Antao
Veronica Abreu
Ivan Aurajo
Almir (Joaquim) and Maureen DCunha
Reis and Daisy DeLima
Mrs Carmelita D’Souza
Novarro and Sybil De Quadros
Jacinto and Freda DeSouza
Margaret DeSouza
Stephen and Odette DeSouza
Verediana DeSouza
Edith and Celly Dias
Paul and Theodora Dias
Bernadine and Peter Fernandes 
Hazel and Francis Fernandes
Lira and Tony Fernandes
Mrs Veronica Lamas
Felix A Lobo
Aloysius and Edna Mathias
Maurice and Rachel  Pinto
John and Sylvia Tavares 
Mark &Hilda Vitor