Career Services

The G.O.A Career Services is a one-stop, multi-service centre that provides a wide range of employment and career-related services to our members and all new immigrants of Goan origin. Our mission at is to help our members achieve the following objectives:

  • Become job ready for employment
  • Obtain professional employment
  • Achieve personal and professional growth
  • Become leaders at work and in the community

 a) Employment Counseling The G.O.A career services works with members individually and assesses his/her skill set for employment. It helps members to develop an action plan and guides them through the steps of the job search process. He/she will also provide members with information and advice on employment programs and community resources.

b) Job Search Workshop an interactive, hands-on workshop focusing on every aspect of job search including: resume writing, job search techniques interview preparation, workplace culture and labour market information. In addition to group training session, individualized

c) Career Advancement Counseling Career Advancement Counseling will help you develop your potential along your career path. The process begins with an assessment of yourself: where you want to land and what the gaps you have in your skills or experience Then you will be guided through the development of a step-by-step action plan as well as the strategies.

 To register or to find out more details, please contact us at